वेद के पिता | Branding, marketing, and culture. I have failed enough to help build startups the "right way".
I have been a sports technology, media & clean tech entrepreneur from 2010 to 2022, building four startups SportsWave, goSporto, MeraNews & Reqip from scratch.
Believe in "I know that I know nothing" - Socrates.

I write about

startups, branding
and growth.

Fixated - almost paranoid about building a great culture in startups.Building a team, leading partnerships, new initiatives, marketing, and branding intrigues me.Always in search of new ideas, people & skills. Passionate about sports, clean energy & philosophy.

let’s get real


Success is rare, failure is frequent, and lessons are priceless. I write at the unapologetic intersection of philosophy, startups, and psychology.